Hammonds Farm, Bottom Lane, Checkendon, Nr Reading, Oxon RG8 0QT

Checkendon Challenge brings you an exciting, fun and relaxed venue on a stunning, private venue
Though challenging, the trail is fine for novice runners or riders.

ENTRIES CLOSED for 28/29 October 2017
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Welcome to the Checkendon Challenge! 

Known as one of the friendliest, and well organised, event in the UK, Checkendon is a superb venue private estate. It has been so successful that entries are restricted to 100 competitors to ensure we keep the atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship

The course is technical, flat but nonetheless quite challenging route mainly in woodland. It is approximately 3 miles in distance.

Course measures 3.06 miles as officially measured July 2017

Camping is available on site for both Friday and Saturday night

Water for your dogs will be at the halfway point and at the end of the race

There are on site portable toilets, a quality burger bar & a professional photographer for both days

Our mission is to create a calm, relaxed environment for all competitors and their dogs.

We have a flexible approach to working with those that have dogs with issues.

On the entry form there is a section for this but please do talk to us before or during the event



Checkendon Races 2017/2018

Please note - as from March 2017, we are no longer providing single day entries.
The reason for this is that due to our decision to restrict entries to 100, we usually sell out quite quickly after entries open.
Sadly, many people that wanted to come for both days have missed out for single entries.
Due to the nature of our event being more of a fun community, we actively want to encourage people to attend for both days.

We appreciate that this may disappoint some people but unfortunately it is our final decision and we do find that most people
that attend for one day often wish they had booked for both days.

18/19 March
8/9 April
16/17 September - Season Opener Challenge
28/29 October - Checkendon Halloween



17/18 March
21/22 April
22/23 September - Season Opener Challenge
27/28 October - Checkendon Halloween


April 2015 we raised £163.00 for Nowzad Dogs
May 2015, we raised £410.00 for Beagle Welfare www.beaglewelfare.org.uk
September 2015, we raised £200.00 for Siberian Welfare Husky Rescue Siberian Husky Welfare Association
March 2016, we raised £150.00 for Pointer Rescue Services Fundraising
April 2016, we raised £160.00 for Valgrays Collie Rescue www.valgraysbcrescue.org.uk/
April/May 2016, we raised £600.00 for Beagle Welfare www.beaglewelfare.org.uk
September 2016 - £780.00 raised for Siberian Welfare Husky Rescue Siberian Husky Welfare Association
October 2016 - £1200.00 raised for Foxhound Welfare https://foxhoundwelfareuk.jimdo.com/



NOTE 2017

  • 2 dog canicross class has been merged with one dog classes but prizes will go down to 5th Place
  • There is no 10K Category
  • There is no 8 - 11 Junior Category
Adults - Canicross   Bikejor & Scooter
5K - Male 17 - 39 [1 or 2 dog]   5K Female Bikejor - ONE DOG ONLY
5K - Female 17 - 39 [1 or 2 dog]   5K Male Bikejor - ONE DOG ONLY
5K - Male 40+ [1 or 2 dog]   5K Female Scooter - ONE OR TWO DOG
5K - Female 40+ [1 or 2 dog]   5K Male Scooter - ONE OR TWO DOG
5K Junior Aged 12 - 16 [1 or 2 dog]    
2017 Prices      
5K Canicross/Bikejor/Scooter - Both Days - £33.95 Camping - One Night - £8.50 Two Nights - £15.00
5K Junior 12-16 -Both Days - £16.00 Extra Category - £14.00 for both days (£7.00 per day)
Important: Bikejor & Scooter competitors MUST ride the course, before the first race, without your dog{s} It is a highly technical course so this is for your safety and your dogs safety
Course times will be posted on Facebook group and emailed to you mid week of the race
Thank you to our event supporters
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